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Flooring Services

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Concrete Shot Blasting 

A process that uses machinery to blast downward at the floor steel shot which bounces and removes dirt, grease and debris while profiling the surface. The shot is recycled and the removed waste is collected in a large vacuum. This is used for coating applications and the installation of tile and terrazzo.

Diamond Floor Grinding

​This process uses a motor-driven machine with horizontally spinning diamond-embedded blades that remove several thousandths of an inch from the floor. A coupled vacuum captured removed material. Commonly used for nominal leveling and smoothing out of surfaces to prepare for coating applications. A wide range of diamond blades are available to achieve the ideal surface structures and results.

  Concrete Floor Scarifying

A machine with a hammer-like rotating blade that beats the floor to remove old coatings and toppers. This causes the most profile and irregularity, which often requires diamond grinding to smooth the floor if a coating is to be applied.


Crete Clean Plus is applied after polishing which is specially formulated to add life and shine to existing floors for a new, finished condition.  This heals minor scratches and scrapes.